T’is the Season of Cherry Blossoms

Each year from April 1st-9th, cherry blossom festivals are held around South Korea. At this time, cherry blossoms are in full bloom. They bloom shortly before the festival and fall off to bring leaves shortly after the festival ends. There are a few festivals in Seoul and one very popular festival in Jinhae. These areas, where the festivals are held, are very densely populated with cherry blossoms. This doesn’t mean there aren’t cherry blossoms elsewhere, there are cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE and they are all so beautiful. I love seeing their light pink color pop out among the various green trees that surround them.

Being fortunate enough to be in Korea when the cherry blossoms were blooming, I knew I had to go to the festival. I left for Jinhae early Saturday morning and arrived at 11am. I walked around until I found the area where the festival was being held. There, I found food and drink stands, people selling flower crowns, and hundreds of cherry blossom trees. The festival is centered around a row of bridges, the romance bridge being the most known, overlooking the elegant pink and white flowers above. It was definitely a once in a lifetime view.

FullSizeRender 14
The Romance Bridge.

I am not sure if this is another romance bridge or a continuation of the previous romance bridge.

Another romantic type of bridge.
I had a lot of fun at the festival. I bought some snacks and drinks and a flower crown, plus Jake and I got a caricature done of us and it is extremely cute. It was a long day of walking (Jake and I took 20,000 steps that day according to his Fitbit) but I loved seeing the blossoms. Once all the cherry blossoms wither and fall, I don’t know when I’ll see one again.

I had to get a flower crown, they were too cute.
Cherry blossom trees are the loveliest trees I ever did see.

“The gress withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” -Isaiah 40:8


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