Dear Seoul

Dear Seoul,

In the past few months you have become my home away from home. You have brought such wonderful memories that I will treasure for the rest of my days; however, I’m glad that I am leaving you and going back to my home in the United States.

Here are a few things that I will be missing when I return home. I will miss your abundance of coffee shops on every street. I have come to love iced Americanos because of this. I will miss your delicious Korean BBQ. I will miss the nightlife in your beautiful city. I am not crazy about staying out until 5am but I did love all the restaurants that were open until midnight or later. I will miss the many dog, board game, and movie cafes I can always count on when I am unsure how to spend the evening. I will miss your fried chicken because let’s be real, Korea’s fried chicken is a thousand times better than America’s. I will miss your very green, mountainous scenery. Lastly, I will miss your markets. I enjoyed walking around and getting juice, slushies, and street food from your many markets. My city back home has markets sometimes in the summer but yours are more fun.

There are many things I will miss about your city but I am also more than ready to leave. I will not miss your large crowds of people everywhere. I have become a little bit claustrophobic because of this. I will not miss your subways. Again, there are too many people in such a tiny subway. I will not miss your elders. They walk really slow and they think they run the world. I will not miss the fact that all of your food has to be spicy. My taste buds are not a fan. I will not miss how EXPENSIVE the fruits are. I am and always have been a fruit girl, I love fruit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat very much fruit here because they were so darn expensive. Lastly, I will not miss your lack of Buffalo Wild Wings and ranch. I have missed B-Dubs dearly and it may be one of the key factors of why I want to go home so badly. Thankfully, a woman I met, lives on the base has access to ranch so she bought me some. I have been very grateful for her.

I am glad I chose you as my destination for studying abroad. You are such an interesting city with so much to offer. Although I had a delightful time being your guest for the past few months, I am ready to see what joys Thailand and Indonesia brings and then go back home to see my family and friends.

With Love,




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